One of the nice surprises I have found with using MorphOS over the past few weeks has been the ability to use modern and more up to date email client. You see for years, the Amiga community across both classic and Next Generation platforms have been pretty much lumbered with YAM (Yet Another Mailer) and SimpleMail which truth be told have struggled to keep up with the advances of HTML that is displayed in a lot of our daily emails.  Both programs see regular updates, but truth be told, when it comes to displaying a lot of the modern day content which now appears in our emails, YAM and SimpleMail really struggle and unless you are happy to display emails in a text format, you can find yourself somewhat lacking when it comes to using your Amiga for emails.

One attempt to try something a little different comes to us in the form of Iris or more specifically Iris beta33 which was updated this week and released to the public to try out.


For those who have never used MorphOS, Installation of packages on to the feel identical to the process that you undertake on AmigaOS


You simply select a drive, folder or RAM disk of your choosing.


The download manager is exactly the same and will be very familiar to those used to        I-Browse or Odyssey.


Everything feels very AmigaOS like in look, methodology and execution, except of course we are using MorphOS.


The first thing you will notice when you open up Iris for the first time and you wish to configure an account is that it will ask you to input your name, email address and password for the account.


This will then open up a page in Odyssey which in the case of the account I am wishing toconfigure re-directs me to the enter password page on Outlook.


The process is nice easy and simple to complete and more importantly it took me all of  about 10 seconds in total.  No need  to enter any server address, reconfigure port numbers or any other configurations which is usually the case with most other email clients.


Soon all of my folders appear on the left hand side and similar to Microsoft Outlook you have the option to display a reading pane.


This means that if you click on one of the emails, the content is then  displayed on the right hand pane.


You also have the option to display the email in its own window as shown above, but the rather nice thing, certainly compared to using SimpleMail or YAM is that this all works and is displayed correctly as it uses Odyssey to correctly display a HTML email.


The settings menu for the time being is kept nice and simple too with the ability to switch the reading pane on or off.  You can also have the option to display your emails in a more traditional fashion with the emails displayed at the bottom.


Composition of emails opens up into a nice screen with a clean layout and it is possible to create emails and add images, bullet points or use different fonts and font sizes.


Attaching documents is a nice and easy process too and moving in between menus is speedy and responsive.


Adding mutltiple accounts works really well with Iris, I tested this client out with both my Outlook and Google Mail accounts and as you can see from the example above I am able to display both sets of accounts under the one client.

As this is in Beta and a work in progress, a lot of essential features are still missing from this like the ability to print off your emails.  It also isn’t possible to move emails from one folder to another, however I am guessing that these are issues that will be resolved in a future update.  One nice feature for a future update certainly would be the ability to store and insert signatures into emails.

After so many years of using SimpleMail and YAM and becoming increasingly frustrated that each update fails to bring about the improvements that we all want to see i.e. for your HTML emails to display correctly, it has been really nice to discover and try out Iris.  I really love just how simple it is to set up and how everything displays correctly, in short it works and you should really check this out also.  I will certainly be looking forward to more updates of this great little program and be watching its future development with great interest.

Until next time have fun with your Amigas!

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